Are you considering partnering with us? We believe we offer the best and most extensive partnership program in the world. With our tools and partner strategy, we can help you build a career in YouTube. Here are just a few benefits of our partnership program: 

  • MyRitual™ Dashboard - Our next generation user dashboard is a platform designed to accelerate growth and drive engagement to your videos.
  • Revenue Boost - While you upload great videos, our ad sales team will work on pairing you with some of the biggest advertisers in the world.
  • Ownership - You will always have 100% full ownership of your channel and all the content you create. We are simply your technology partner.
  • Content ID - We make sure to look after your content. With our sophisticated tools we can track and monetize any of your original content.
  • Payments - We offer full transparency when it comes to earnings. You will receive a full report each month with a breakdown of your earnings.
  • Music - Copyright free music for you to use on your video's. Thousands of songs by some of the greatest artists. 
  • Graphics Design - We provide graphics & web design services to help further engagement and give you a sharper look.
  • 24/7 Support - You’re guaranteed 24/7 support through our support ticket system and your partner manager
  • Partner Manager - You will be assigned a partner manager who will work with you to increase revenue streams and grow your channel as well as offering                                support

You can find our more information about our partnership here!